Time in the countryside

At last I have moved towards sharing my passion for the countryside and my farming life………check this out!

Step away from the cities and towns of Northern Ireland into the heart of farming life.  These small generational farms are steeped in stories and traditions passed down through the generations

Sit around a farmhouse table with a local farm  family and enjoy their homemade food as they share their rural lifestyle with you.  Understand their passion for working the land and their duty as costodians of the land for future generations..

Walk and talk the long narrow laneways and enjoy the natural wildlife, flora and fauna.  Stretch out further and find that “bearded” road!  Everywhere there are ancient trees and hedgerows reminding us of earlier generations who planted these laneways leading to their small stone/mud family homes.  Follow the curve of old hill forts from where the views are spectactular!

Nowhere more so than in the countryside and on the farm do the seasons play a big part in the life of those who work the land. Spring brings the burst of buds and blossom and of course new born animals; summer brings lots of outdoor farming work and busy lanes; autumn has it rich coloured hedgerows with their wild berries and here in County Armagh we have the harvesting of the apple crop, winter brings most animals indoors and hot steamy food to the family table!

Guided Tours Ireland
Guided Tours Ireland
  • Your day trip to the countryside will be for a family group of 6 people.
  • These are guided tours and are operated strictly under the rules of the Countryside Code and always with the permission of the farmer of the land.
  • Each tour is designed and costed to suit you.
  • Private transport included.
  • Tours are only available (at present) within COUNTY ARMAGH

Looking forward to sharing “the land” and life of my County Armagh with you.

As each tour is unique to you please contact me initially to discuss.