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Oh boy where has the time gone! 

Thought I’d just leave the message below as it is to let you know how far we have come from those dark days of Covid.  Delighted to say we are now looking out at spring 2023 and everyone is well! Better days are coming……………..

What are your thoughts for 2023 or indeed 2024?

Better Days Are Coming…………………

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Life here in Northern Ireland is certainly looking good.

I have had my Covid “jab” and all of NI will be vacinated by the end of Spring; thanks to our wonderful Health Service plus lots and lots of amazing volunteers.  Those of us in tourism have been “zooming” every week; sharing ideas and working together to provide you with that holiday of a lifetime with us here in Northern Ireland.

Uppermost in our conversation is reassuring you of our attention to hygiene detail and safety during your holiday with us.  With all aspects of care covered all those in the tourism industry will be accredited with the “GOOD TO GO” certificate. We are excited that travel throughout Northern Ireland will almost certainly be up and running June/July 2021.

I will shortly start travelling around my small country of Northern Ireland checking out quirky accommodation with a twist of local character, enjoy lots of traditional food like soda and wheaten bread and possibly a rack of lamb with cabbage and potato!

While the top attractions in the world are here there certainly is a lot more to see and experience when you wander off the beaten track. To get a true sense of how we live, talk, work and enjoy our wee country you really don’t have to travel more than a couple of miles off from the famous UNESCO Giant’s Causeway – you just need to know where!

So chat with me and I will share my thoughts and even suggest we travel the route together to meet the locals and share their love of this land and question me on our complicated if not a tad interesting history! We can travel either by car, motor van or coach depending on numbers.

To start your journey plan I have attached a map of Ireland with Northern Ireland tucked up on the North East. This will give you an idea of some of the main cities and towns within Northern Ireland.

Remember……………..landscape, daylight hours, temperatures, all change with the seasons!


  • Northern Ireland is only 5456 sq miles with the big puddle Lough Neagh (151 sq miles) right in the middle.
  • The Island of Ireland is approximately 32,599 sq miles
  • AIRPORTS – Belfast International Airport is just 17 miles approximately from Belfast City Centre
  • George Best Airport is just 3 miles from Belfast City Centre
  • FERRY TO AND FROM NORTHERN IRELAND -Belfast Port has sailings to Liverpool, England, Isle of Man and Scotland daily.
  • Larne Port just north of Belfast also has a daily ferry service to Scotland.
  • BELFAST TO DUBLIN …………….. 104 miles (approximately)


Thanks Barbara for your enjoyable group tour around the pretty Conservation Village of Loughgall yesterday”

Elizabeth, NIFHS Lisburn